Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Adult Entertainment Store trusted to buy adult toys?

  • All the products available at the adult entertainment store are legal and safe to use. We deal with silicone made product. The adult toy made from silicone is phthalate-free and safe to skin. You can trust us with your shipping address and other information as well. We never compromise with our customer’s privacy at any cost.

Is buying and selling sex toys legal in India?

  • Buying and selling sex toys as legal or illegal is not mentioned in the Indian constitution. However Indian penal code is considered as illegal, since sex toys comes under obscenity product, therefore buying and selling sex toys is not open in permissible. You can buy sex toys online without any hassle from adult entertainment store. You will get your requirements in discreet packaging.

Do Indians find sex toys comfortable to use?

  • Indians are talking about sex in the open since social stigma allows it and calls anything related to sex as taboo. The trends are changing now and Indian society is turning liberal with the exposure of the internet and movies. According to survey cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are advancing ahead to purchase sex toys. Since the people in those cities feel comfortable experimenting with trending technologies as well as the thing that is comfortable for the pleasure.

Which sex toy is idle for traveling?

  • There are many sex toys from the adult entertainment store which are discreet in nature like fleshlight masturbator, Pocket pussy and bullet vibrator for your erotic gratification. Now, most of the sex toy is portable and easy to carry. However, for women, there are certain vibrators that are shaped like lipsticks while for men, there is certain male masturbation that is the shape of a deodorant bottle, knee caps that can be carried out very easily.

How can sex toys help sexual health?

  • Sex Toy can help in knowing your body limit. Take for example a case of a fleshlight masturbator which is known as stamina booster as well. Toy’s from is of premium quality. Apart from the toys, sex toy accessories like the penis ring can help you in erectile dysfunctionality (ED). We stock for lubes and herbals like delay spray and enhancement gel which will give you the desired result while you make love with your partner.

How can a sex toy help or enrich couple relationships?

  • As time flies in a couple’s life, the couples lose interest in making love, since Relationship faded away with passing time. To rediscover and spice up their lives, an adult entertainment store presents BDSM toys made for Couples to bring joy into their adult life.

Is the quality of sex toy worthy of Adult life?

  • Quality plays a lead role in sex toys. They say buy cheap and get cured for using cheap inexpensive way, this thing is applicable to sex toy perfectly. If you are compromised in the case of a sex toy which is lately of penetrating nature. You are invited to have much sex-related disease. adult entertainment store accounts for sex toy that is made up of nonporous and phthalate-free material.